huge and fat apes!

description of animal

did you know that apes can grow up to 6 and a half feet tall? they sure can! the biggest they can grow is 5 feet and 8 inches. they can weigh 350 pounds. that's preety fat. the color of their skin and their hair is black. the smallest apes only weigh 150 pounds. that's small! apes can live over 50 years! read on to find out more about apes!
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apes have a wide variety of food to eat. apes eat lots of plants in the jungle from the trees. while they are jumping from tree to tree they might find some meat running around so then that's something else they eat, meat. they also eat fruit like berries,oranges,apples, and cranberries too. apes that live in the zoo in africa and asia eat lemons and crackers and leaves that are fed by the zoo keepers. read on to find out more about apes!


did you know that apes have 3 facial expressions? yes they do! they are sad,happy and angry. when they grow older they start losing hair. also they hug and kiss to greet other apes. they spend 1/3 of their time walking in their lives. when moms have their babies they carry them on their bellies. also playing is very important. read on to find out more!


now you know why apes are awesome creatures. you have discoverd that apes can live over 50 years. also they sleep in nests. and you learned that they eat meat, fruit, and leaves. they also have 3 facial expressions. now you learned about these awesome apes!
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Apes going Ape!
Self-Recognition in Apes