Lagoon Beach, Wind and Water Energy

By Yoosuf Mohamed

Our Energy Plan

Here at Lagoon beach, we are planning to make a new energy power supply using wind and water. We will build houses that each use their own 'private energy'. Our plan will use only natural energy and is customizable - it can have more additions such as solar panels. For the most part it will use the wind and water.

How it will work

The houses will be over water - suspended by a floor. Each house will have a private space where a turbine will be pushed by the water, through a hole in the house. The houses will have another turbine on the roof which will spin depending on the wind. Each house has a separate room where both the turbines connect to a generator. This room is called the 'Generator room' and will be where all the electrical circuits will begin.

Bigger houses - More power

Obviously, bigger houses have more appliances which needs more electricity. These will have solar panels and more turbines.