Global Climate Change

Damaging our Planet! By Jesse Sabino


Global Climate Change (GCC) is a serious issue on our planet. It is causing Earth to warm up and effect the way plants grow, and the way animals live.

What is Causing GCC?

GCC is caused by many different things. One way it is caused by is Human Activity. Things like polluting, factory working, using chemicals to feed animals and to produce plants take a big role in what is happening. We have a tendancy of using many heat-trapping chemicals, like Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, ect. These chemicals get into the atmosphere and make the globe warmer. Some of these chemicals cause Sulfuric Acid to form, which is part of the Chloro-Fluro-Carbons (CFCs). CFCs destroy the Ozone layer, causing Ultra Violet (UV) rays to reach the globe. UV rays cause sunburns, and too much of the radiation can damage your skin and form types of skin cancer. (direction changes of the sun cause these things too) Scientist conclude that there is a probability of over 90% that human activity has made the globe warmer, and there is more of a 90% probability that man-made chemicals like Carbon Dioxide have caused the increase of earth's temperatures.

What is the Evidence that GCC is Real?

Scientist prove that GCC is real by statistics. Things like the dates and increases/decreases of different data prove some serious cases of dangerous changes or activity in the environment or any other place. It can be in any field of education, science, or life case/project. Here are some statistics that I found:

  1. Greenland lost between 36 to 60 cubic miles of ice due to GCC between 2002 and 2006
  2. The temperature of the oceans have increased by 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969
  3. Low temperature events have been decreasing since the 1950s
  4. The global sea level has increased 7 inches in the past 100yrs
  5. (The global sea level has risen 8 inches since 1870)
  6. The 2003 to 2015 years have been the warmest on record
  7. Since 1750, the average amount of heat energy coming from the sun either remained constant or increased slightly.

What do Scientists Identify as Consequensces?

  1. (all of the things listed above) Human Activity
  2. Man-Made Chemicals
  3. Expansion of Concentrations of Greenhouse Gasses
  4. Solar Irradiance (more absorption and dispersion of of the sun's heat/energy rays)
  5. more evaporation (sign of more heat or warmer climate change)

All of the things listed above are signs or things that happen in result of GCC. This worldwide case is serious, and there are many other consequences. Most of them are not good.

What can be Done About this Issue?

We need to make serious commitments, and go through large processes to fix this worldwide issue. The first thing we can do is Recycle and Stop Pollution. All of the chemicals leaking into our oceans and into the atmosphere is a main problem in this whole case. We need to figure out a solution to stop this and make people aware of what their actions are doing to the environment. Another thing we can do is Feed our Animals more Natural/Real foods! Animals are being fed meals that have steroids and chemicals so their product comes out better when they are slaughtered. If we change their meals to something more natural, their feces will not have those chemicals, which means there will be no bad matter going into the atmosphere/ozone. This is a major problem in GCC. There are many more ways to fix this, but these are a few of the most important. Please be careful of what you do, make sure you take your globe into consideration, and be kind to our environment.

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