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August 28, 2019

Morning Reminders

We are seeing an increasing number of students arriving to school well before 8:00. Please keep the following policies in mind as you start your day:
  • School begins daily at 8:15 AM.
  • Unless accompanied by an adult, students may not arrive before 8:05, as there is no supervision before that time.
  • There is no recess before school. Students arriving before 8:10 are to line up by their classrooms and may not be on the playground nor the playground equipment.
  • A warning bell rings at 8:10 and many teachers begin to allow students into the classroom at that time. Those students arriving after 8:15 must report to the office for a tardy slip.

You will find a copy of our School Handbook at the bottom of this newsletter. It contains more detailed information about arrival and dismissal policies at Alta Vista. These policies are intended to keep all of our students safe, so we appreciate your cooperation and support.

Bicycles & Cell Phones At School


Riding a bike to school can be part of a healthy morning routine. Please remember that if your fourth or fifth grader is riding to school independently, we need to have a bicycle contract on file in the office. This simple form reminds students of school expectations, as well as safety rules while on their bikes. You will find a copy of our bicycle contract at the bottom of this newsletter.

Students in kindergarten through third grade are also encouraged to ride their bikes, but need to have an adult accompany them to and from school.


We understand that parents may want their child to have a cell phone and/or smart watch for safety or health reasons. Union School District Board Policy allows students in elementary school to possess cell phones/smart watches at school. However, they may only be used before or after school and as long as they do not create a distraction or disturbance. Cell phones/smart watches may not be used during the school day or the device will be confiscated and the privilege revoked. Phones and watches must remain off during school hours. Using this device to capture digital images and/or to take photographs of any kind shall be prohibited on school grounds and at school sponsored activities. During the school day, students may only use a cell phone or smart watch for phone calls or text messages if they are in the school office.

If you would like your child to have a cell phone or smart watch at school, please complete the cellular permission form attached to this newsletter. Thank you.

Mileage Club - Beginning on 9/9

Mileage Club is a wonderful lunch time enrichment activity sponsored by the Alta Vista Home & School Club. Click on the attachment below for more information about the program and how you can become involved as a volunteer.

Online Learning at Home

More and more of our online student programs are using "Sign in with Google" or "Clever" instead of usernames and passwords. This is very easy and convenient when the students are at school on their Chromebooks, but at home it can cause issues. Below are some steps you

can take to make the login process smoother at home.

If your student is having trouble using online programs at home please try the steps below:

  1. Use the Chrome browser, as this will best simulate the student's technology use at school
  2. Sign in to Chrome with your student's school Google account
  3. Click the icon in the top, right corner of the Chrome window and select "Add Account" or click the People menu then "Add Person"
  4. Now the student should have their individualized Chrome window with his/her bookmarks and settings
  5. Next, click the Home button (next to the URL field) to go to the Alta Vista Landing Page
  6. Click on the program the student wants to use, and the automatic login process should work as it does at school.

If you are having trouble accessing Zearn, here are a few tips:

● Follow steps 1 - 4 above

● Click on the Zearn icon on the Landing Page

● By signing in with their school Google account, students should be automatically logged in with "Clever". Zearn accounts are set up using Clever and students must use their specific link

to get into the program.

● The student will not be able to log in correctly using the Zearn URL and a username /


If you are still having problems logging on at home, please email your teacher for assistance.

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Coming Events - Save the Date

8/30 - No School (Professional Development Day)

9/2 - No School (Labor Day)

9/6 - Picture Day

9/6 - Home & School Club Movie Night

9/9 - Mileage Club Begins At Lunch

9/9 - USD Board Meeting @ 6:00 (District Office)

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