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Raynet Newsletter - August 2015

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IT3 Plant Tour Completed

During the 5 last weeks, the core team members have been travelling over the five plants (Rochester Hills, Logansport, Hamilton, Flemingburg and Brunswick) to support the 3rd cycle of Integration Testing (IT3).

The tests have been performed by the end-users, led by the Plant Process Owners.

Data Migration

The data team is working hard to complete the Dry Runs, which represents the last complete migration cycle before loading the data into the production system (GPR).

Although the technical quality of the data has been significantly improved since TC3, the business-wise quality has still to be assessed.

The challenge is now to solve as much defects as possible before the final load in SAP.

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Overall status

The solution is almost complete with some open points (impact of the new cost structure, multi-packaging) and some ongoing developments (customer labels, ditributor portal).

EDI mapping and testing is still in progress, with a high dependency on the data. A strong and sustained effort to improve the quality of the data remains a key success factor!

Roles & authorizations have been tested during IT3.

The infrastucture (PC, printers, cabling...) is quite ready on the 5 sites.

Training: 3 external trainers have been onboarded to write training materials and prepare the curriculums. The first training session should take place at the end of September for Rochester Hills end-users.


In order to guarantee business continuity and avoid regression, several solutions are being implemented with GlobalWay in North America by I-Way team:

  • CRM roll-out for ABU (Automotive Business unit); conducted by Fouzia Hammadi
  • Sales Forecast (new solution based on CRM and PI); conducted by Monica Corba

Next Step: UAT

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the phase where core team members from all 5 value streams visit the plants. The Plant Process Owners walk thru end-to-end scenarios that cross all value streams. At the completion of the UAT session, there is a sign-off by each plant for this phase of the project.

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Yves Blanc - GW NA Efficiency Leader