November 2017

Another busy month!

Chris Haughton delights the crowds

There is nothing quite like meeting a real life author to inspire a love of reading and writing, so we were delighted to welcome Chris Haughton to Peak School this month!

Chris started out as a graphic designer (even working in Hong Kong for a short spell) and the children were fascinated to find out how he had come up with the ideas for his books and how he constructed some of the illustrations piece by piece with cut paper. He spent a great deal of time signing and individually naming each of the books ordered by the children and they have been thrilled to receive them.

Hong Kong Young Writers Award open for submissions

Calling all talented writers and artists!

We are looking for entries from Peak School in this year's Hong Kong Young Writer's Award.

Students need to enter a piece of writing, or an artistic representation about Journey To The West, the iconic piece of Chinese literature which has been translated into many forms of entertainment - TV series, movies, graphic novels and more. Students will use their imaginations to create a fiction story that relates to the classic tale, or research a non fiction piece about Xuanzang, the young monk who took the journey across China 1400 years ago, or about Wu Cheng'en, the author who wrote the original story. Entries can also be in the form of a poem, or a piece of art.

More information can be found @

Or come to the Library to find out all the details.

Submission deadline is 15th January 2018.


This month we have been teaching visual notetaking to the Year 4's and introducing the non-fiction section to our Year 1's. And we have invested in a brand new on-line resource for students to use at school and at home.

visual note-taking

Our minds can often take in more facts with pictures than with words. It's the reason that mind-mapping helps us sort information and find links. In this lesson, Year 4 read some information on an animal (in this case, the mountain dwelling Chamois) and then we took the information and put it into a pictogram. Then they made up sentences to explain what they knew. They were able to understand their subject and write it down in their own words. Sorted!

year 1 discover non fiction

Our Year 1 classes are getting very familiar with the library now, so we thought it was time to increase their borrowing allowance from 1 book to 2. We introduced them to the non fiction section, talked about the difference between fact and fiction, and let them share with the class what their interests were. We've seen a great spread of subjects being borrowed since we started at the beginning of the month!

pebble go! & pebble go next!

We have purchased 2 new on-line resources for students. Pebble Go! is for our youngest researchers and covers Animals, Science and Biographies for Years 1-3 and Pebble Go Next! covers Science and Social Studies for Years 4-6, although all students have access to all levels and subjects. Teachers will share the log on details with the kids and the sites will be accessed through Planet Peak from next week.


a HUGE thank you from the Librarians!

And let's not forget Mr Robert Guy Ramsay's donation to celebrate St Andrew's Day on 30th November. He gave us The Broons, a classic comic from his childhood and delivered it in traditional dress!

Outstanding effort!

If your child has a birthday coming up, consider donating a book to the Library!


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