North To The Future and the last fortifier.


Alaska’s state capital is juneau. Its largest city is Anchorage.

The Willow Ptarmigan is the Alaskan state bird!

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This is the state license plate.
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The forget Me Not is the state flower.
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The Sitka Spruce it the state tree.

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This is the Alaskan flag.

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This is the seal of Alaska.
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Alaska came from the word “alaxsxaq”which means ”object toward which the action of the sea is directed"

Alaska has a population of 736,732!

Alaska has rivers, mountains, and slopes.

Alaska’s climate is mostly cold. Its warm in the summer but some people say its always cold that's just a myth.

Alaska has many historical sightings one is mount McKinley.

Alaska grows many food like pumpkins, carrots, flowers, tomatoes, and potatos
Alaska has minerals like coal, petroleum, and nytro
Alaska has a Bear factory
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Alaska is the wild huskies and their mascots dubs and harry huskie.


Alaska has many animals some of them are polar bares, Rams, bald

eagles,grizly bares, wolves, foxes, seal, and oxen

College Football's Greatest Team of All-Time The 1991 Washington Huskies