The feindish fox and the baby ducks

by luke samuelson

One day a mother and her four little ducklings were visiting a lake. The mother decided to trust her babies ,and let them swim on their own. She said to them "Be careful out there are strangers larking near this lake." The baby ducklings started to decide what to do first. One duck offered to go to the deep side and go play on the slide. Another one wanted to go looking for treasure. They decide to split into groups of two.

The first group went to the slide near the deep end. The second group went treasure hunting near the side. Then a fox came up to the side spotting the two ducklings. The fox had a plan to lure them into a trap. He said to the two ducklings that there was a buried treasure near a giant oak tree ,and he would lead them to it. The two ducklings believed him ,so they followed him to a hill. The fox ran ahead of them ,so he was out of site. The bay ducklings soon stepped in a trap. The fox came out and brought them to his home on the other side of the hill. The two little ducklings said " Our brother will find you ,and save us from your paws.

The fox went looking for the other two. When he found them he said, "Hey I found your brothers in the forest over a giant hill. Do you wish to come to get them?" The baby ducklings said yes ,but instead of both of them following him one went to get there mom. The fox did the same trick to the one duckling following him.

Once the baby duckling with his mom went to the fox's house ,and snuck up behind him. The momma duck attacked the fox. While the mom was doing that the baby duckling released his brothers. The fox gave up ,and left them alone.

Do not trust strangers with out your parents around.

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