Myths to Know About Car Insurance

Many of us already know how to go about buying car insurance if needed. A sensible coverage can help you get a good car insurance protection. Premium rates on car insurance is what exactly an insurer looks for. Below are a few car insurance myths that every insurer should read about that helps him/her to decide better when planning to buy a car insurance.

1. Old cars aren't target of theft: According to a National Insurance Crime Bureau report, more of older model cars are easier to steal than a brand new car. Infact, as per the stolen report database many of old ages cars have been found missing. So even if you have an old car it is still important to get a viable car insurance.

2. Truth about coverage: Comprehensive and collision coverage are two types of coverage that are optional that you can opt for when you plan to by car insurance. This additional coverage is a must for instances such as someone vandalizing your car by painting graffiti’s or a tree that smashes your windshield. During such situations, additional coverage is a must.

3. Rental cars are pre-covered: Other big mistake that car owner who is renting his car is that he believes that the car on rentals is automatically covered under car insurance plan. Rental cars if damaged and stolen are not counted under car rental reimbursement. This feature of car insurance coverage is not automatically included when you rent a car. Depending on for how many days you want to rent the car for you can add additional coverage feature for your own protection.

4. Personal belongings are covered inside the car: When you buy a car insurance plan, it strictly protects your car from any kind of damage. So if you had an expensive laptop that you had kept in the car and you suddenly realized that your laptop is missing, then the laptop would be gone and car insurance won’t be able to help you with any type of claim. Similarly, any other personal belonging that gets lost is unrecoverable through a regular car insurance plan.

5. Insurance company can cancel my policy: There is no way any insurance company will cancel any insurance. Unless the car insurance that you will buy is not paid or you have attempted any sort of fraud there is no reason that the car insurance company will revoke your insurance. Paying your premiums on time is quite important since insurance companies have a stringent policy regarding making payments on time.

6. Person driving the car is responsible: Car insurance companies go by the name that has been registered with the company on the car not by who is driving on the driver’s seat. For example, if your friend is driving your car and there is a small situation where the car has been damaged, you being the owner of the car and the insurance policy are solely responsible for an accident or any damage to the car.