News from 3rd Grade

Ms. Doerr's Room

It Must Be the Money!

We dove into our second unit of study for social studies, called,

It Must Be The Money! The students have been learning about the history of money, managing money, budgeting money, saving money and so on. We traveled to T and T Promotions to learn about running a business. We learned about supply and demand, competition, product production, profits and so much more. Then, we headed to Stuckey's Farm and watched how to grow some vegetables. We learned how important honey bees are to a successful garden.

Our class and Mrs. Scott-Stewart's class showing off our shirts at T and T Promotions.
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Kailey making friends with the pumpkin tour guide!

Look What We're Learning!

Math: Measurement to the nearest inch, 1/2 inch, and 1/4 inch

Inquiry: Researching about money, budgeting, saving, supply and demand

Writing: Small moment stories

Reading: Using a character's voice and actions to demonstrate comprehension when we read aloud.

Tracking a fictional character's feelings and using empathy to make connections to them.

Steam Museum

The Steam Museum came and gave us an awesome hands-on experience with science thinking and skills. We saw an interactive robot, a 3D printer, a plasma sphere, LED bots, a bike powered generator, a programmable droid and even more!

Student-led Parent Conferences!

I felt so honored to meet with each of my students and their parents over the past two weeks. The students were filled with PRIDE to show you their learning and goals for the future. Thank you so much for supporting us!
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Jordyn showing off her hard work and learning to her parents during her conference!

Coming Up!

Happy Fall Break! School is out for two weeks!

Specials in two weeks:

Monday Art

Tuesday Music

Wednesday P.E.

Thursday Technology

Friday Art


The students below received a personal achievement award today at our Quarter 1 Awards Program. They showed extraordinary effort in one or more areas at school. Congratulations, Stars! I also recognized the entire class for showing responsibility and effort as they have transitioned from 2nd graders to 3rd graders!