Kaylyn's Poems


Donut - Imagery

On a beautiful monday morning.

I went down stairs.

I saw the beautiful tasty look of the fluffy donut.

I went to the kitchen.

I gazed at the white angel powder on the magical donut.

When I took a bite of the wonderful bread the sugary powder got stuck on my face.

I cannot forget the amazing hole in the middle of the fabulous donut.

The best part is the whole thing!

Timmy Tom-Alliteration

Timmy Tom traded tree

Branches for a trip to the

texes zoo.

Friday-Similes and Metaphors

After school i went to Jerri's house.

I rode the bus home with her.

Her bus is a loud as a herd of elefants.

Jerri yelld shutup!" and the bus go quiet mouse quiet.

We got of the bus.

We went up stairs.

We went out side to her club house and chatted about cute boys.

The Sky-Personification

The sky looks like the sea.

The rain listen to the clouds.

The moon tells me when it is night time.

The clouds reminds me of mountains.