Digital Learning Day!

A resource to share with Widmer families

Widmer School's First Participation in DLD

Technology is everywhere. It is becoming more embedded in education. It is the direction of our district. Thank you for your participation in our first DLD event. Please participate in and encourage your students to complete the "Day in Your Digital Life" activity. Suzan and I have been logging all our tech time since the wee hours this morning. It's pretty amazing to see how much of our time includes technology.

Below is a wonderful free resource to share with your students and their families.

About Power My Learning

About PowerMyLearning

Boost Your Child’s Success with PowerMyLearning

A strong home learning environment can have a big impact on a child’s academic achievement. We know, as parents, you want to help your children succeed. We built PowerMyLearning to make that easier.

Finding activities online to help kids with school is challenging. Online searches turn up tons of results, but are they trusted or high-quality? With PowerMyLearning, you know the answer. Our team of educators has evaluated thousands of free activities and identified the ones that are most fun and effective. We’ve tagged them by subject, grade, Common Core Standard, and more, and made them all easy to find and use. And it’s free!

PowerMyLearning and the Common Core

Use PowerMyLearning to understand the Common Core Standards and the expectations for students by grade. Fun activities on the site are tied to the Common Core, bringing these new standards to life for your child.

Promote Ownership of Learning

Our student interface, called Wizmo World, encourages kids to take charge of their learning as they spend time on educational activities. To motivate your children, you can set goals tied to real rewards and track progress together online.

Support Schoolwork and Spark New Interests

PowerMyLearning reinforces classroom learning and inspires new interests. When kids finish schoolwork on PowerMyLearning, studies show they stay on the site to explore their own interests and spend less time watching TV.