Parenting and Child Development During Pregnancy

First Trimester (1-3 Months)

What to expect from your own body.

The mood swings start to kick in at five weeks, this is called fluctuating hormones. At 7 weeks the uterus begins to grow two times its original size. Morning sickness is getting worse and during the seventh week thoughts of using prenatals should be generating. Your blood volume will increase by 10%. Just because the baby is "sitting" on your bladder during pregnancy the increased BV is causing you to feel a need to pee more often. By the time the 8th week comes around the choices for which prenatal best works for you should be decided. A hormone called progesterone makes you feel sluggish around the eighth week period as well.

What to expect form you baby.

The nose, mouth, and ears begin to develop. Your baby currently has a over sized head and dark spots on its face where the eyes and nostrils will be. His/her hands and feet look like paddles at this point. There is also a small tale like thing on its back that is beginning to shrink as your son/daughter grows. By eight weeks your baby is the size of a kidney bean.

Second Trimester (4-6 Months)

From Your Body.

This is the fifteenth week and you have started to gain about 5 pounds. Some butterfly feelings could be coming from your belly due to the baby moving around in the womb. That is completely normal. Your uterus also rises to your belly by the twenty-fifth week. This is a great week for your doctor to start tests to check for gestational diabetes, pregnancy related high blood sugars. You should also question about pre-labors.

From Your Baby.

He/she is about four inches and two and a half pounds on average. The fifteenth week is a time where the babies sex is available to find out. At nineteen the baby has grown and is now five and a half inches and seven ounces. The blood vessels are visible trough the skin. At twenty-five weeks the babies brain has been developed and weights about one and a third pounds.

Third Trimester (4-6 Months)

From Your Body.

At twenty-nine weeks you tend to gain 1 pound per week. Practitioner recommends blood test for any possible sexually transmitted diseases. By thirty-three weeks it becomes very difficult for you to be comfortable. Aching and numbness may occur in your hands and joints. At 40+ weeks you have you bundle of joy and it becomes a lot easier to lose weight do to you breastfeeding.

From Your Baby.

The child is so close to coming and is a good two and a fourth pounds, that is about the size of an eggplant. Neurons develop and your baby gains its blinking reflexes. It also being to increase its body fat. All of that happens by the twenty-ninth week. On the thirty-third week bones and skull move or over overlap because the bones are so brittle and can form as they grow more. By the time your birth date come around your baby is seven and a half pound and twenty inches. The doctors say you cannot go more than two weeks past your due date before they request an emergency c-section,