Summer of Science

My Experience At Hockey Camp

Science in Hockey!

There many times that physical science occurred during my trip to Hockey camp at LFA! In my first picture, a player is building up energy in his stick to release when he hits the puck. In my third picture, a player digs into the ice and scrapes the top layer off as he stops. These are both examples of physical science because they have to do with laws of motion!

The hardest shot contest

On the final day of hockey camp we saw who had the hardest shot. In order to win, you must take a slapshot, because they propel the puck with the most velocity! When taking my shot I made sure to hit the ice before the puck. This allowed me to build up energy and flex my stick, so that when I hit the puck, the stored energy would help send the puck at the net faster. This is a great example of physical science from my visit.

About Me, Jack Regan!

There are many things to know about me! I absolutely love Hockey (You can probably tell) and I practice whenever I get the chance! I really like dinosaurs and I enjoy doing research on them in my free time:) One of my favorite activities to do outside of school would have to be spending time with my friends. When I hang out with friends, we usually play video games, or sports outside! I look forward to learning this year in science.