CMS 6th Grade to TAMU-C

Planetarium and Science Department Trip on 3/12/15

The trip is this Thursday, 3/12

6th graders will leave CMS around 8:30am and report to the TAMU-C Science Department. Students will be separated into two groups. While one group is watching a show at the Planetarium, the other group will be participating in a series of science experiments with students and professors from the Science Department. Half-way through the morning, the groups will switch.

After all students are done at the Science Department, they will head to the City Park (weather permitting) to enjoy a picnic lunch. If the weather does not permit, we will return to CMS and have a picnic lunch in our gym. All students should bring a sack lunch and a drink to enjoy at the park.

At 1pm, the students will return to CMS for the remainder of the day.

What to Bring

$5 by Wednesday, 3/10
Give $ to first period teacher
Sack lunch on 3/11
Spirit wear or regular school dress
A great attitude