The Main Things

An MSD Family Communication that Cuts out the Clutter!

August 31, 2021

Families- The Main Things- August 31st, 2021

Main Thing 1 - Starting Early

As you know, we started school two weeks early! Why? We received extra funding from the state due to the pandemic and we spent it on your students getting more time in the classroom. We focused the first week on building relationships so students and teachers will have stronger connections as the learning continues throughout the year.

Main Thing 2 - Risk of Shutting Down?

It’s no secret COVID is surging in Jackson County with record high cases. Are we at risk of being shut down? Actually, the state is prioritizing in-person learning this year. Of course, COVID and quarantining continue to be challenges, so we will monitor cases to keep everyone safe, and always work with Jackson County Public Health for specific areas of concern.

Main Thing 3 - Busing Issues

Speaking of concerns, we know busing has been an issue. Did you know that our number of drivers is down 50-percent? We’ve had to change routes because of it, which is why many of them are different. We recommend checking your student's bus route often, because of changes. You can view bus routes here. PLEASE drive or walk your student if you can. UPDATE: That will also reduce your risk of quarantining as we are required by the county to quarantine entire bus routes in the event of a case. And also, please give our drivers and our partners at First Student some grace. We are all doing the best we can.
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