Benjamin Franklin

The Great American History


This writing will explore Benjamin Franklins exciting early life, interesting science career and his leading role as a statesman. Ben's early life was cluttered because he was the fifteenth of seventeen children in one home. Later in life, Ben's science career was very important because he discovered the electricity we use today. Finally, Ben gained a lot of his knowledge during his governor career which helped draft the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin lead an interesting life that started in his early years, continued through his science career and ended as becoming one of the great leading statesmen who is still remembered today.

Early life

Ben's early life was cluttered because he was the fifteenth of the seventeen children in one home. Ben was born in Boston Massachusetts on January 17, 1706. He was the fifteen of the seventeen children. Interestingly when Ben was born, there was no such thing as the United States. Benjamin's parents were Josiah and Abiah Franklin. Josiah ran a shop called Blue Ball. They were not rich but still got by because they worked hard and shared everything. Ben even shared a bed with a brother or two. His parents thought he was a devil because he was born on a Sunday, wrote with his left hand, and threw with his left hand. He only went to school for two years starting at age eight. He failed arithmetic, but he did well at hand writing and reading.


Later in life, Ben's science career was very important because he discovered the electricity we use today. Benjamin always liked science. When he grew up he wanted to prove that lightning and electricity were the same. He hoped flying a kite could prove it. He also wanted to help people avoid being hit by lightning. In June 1752 a storm approached Philadelphia. Ben and his son William went outside with one special kite and one Leyden. A Leyden was used to capture electricity. Ben and William had success by attracting lightning with the kite and capturing it in the Leyden. This helped create the lightning rod that we use today.


Finally in his later years, Ben gained a lot of experience throughout his governor career which helped him participate with important documents, but cost him important family time. Ben Franklin served two years in postal-business until the colonist had to pay for the French and Indian War. Shortly after, Philadelphians learned that Ben wasn't fighting the taxes. A mob threatened to burn his home because Ben was not fighting the taxes. William rushed to take Sally, Benjamin's daughter away from the fighting for her own safety. Deborah, wife of Benjamin refused to leave her home. She wanted to defend her home even if it was by herself. After the threat was over Ben decided to be a leading Stamp Act foe. Almost overnight he became a foe. Ben also joined in on dumping tons of tea into the Boston Harbor which was "The Tea Act". Later on, Deborah died on Christmas Eve from a stroke. William blamed his father, because his father had been away for ten years. Finally, after the sadness faded, Ben helped draft the United States Declaration of Independence. Although Ben had great triumphs, he also suffered great loss.


Although Benjamin Franklin had very little, he persevered through hardship and gave the future so many valuable discoveries. Ben learned to make do with what he had, but yet think big while in school which helped him to do well. Starting with just a kite, Ben was able to capture electricity which people thought was impossible. Not only did Ben's governmental career support his family, it helped him draft the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin had a long life which had great discoveries to help the American people.


Governor-A person who is the leader of the government of a state, province, etc.

Arithmetic-A branch of mathematics that deals with numbers and their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Lightning rod-A metal rod that is placed on a building and connected with the ground below to protect the building from being damaged by lightning.

Triumphs- A great or important victory.

Persevered-Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no success.



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