Hollywood sign

Pictures of the hollywood sign


So you really know everything about the hollywood sign? It is a wonderful place!

The old hollywood sign used to spell "hollywood land " it used to be bigger then it is today , it was souposed to only stay up 18 months . But it was first destroyed after 50 years ..

The "h" was hit by a drunk driver and the "o" tumbled down the hill. A girl / actor vomited suicide on the "h" . Because of all this they made it where your not able to go all that up to the hollywood sign.. The hollywood sign took a year to fully build .

There is a beautiful hiking trail you can take up towards the hollywood sign with a beautiful view on the right and a view of the hollywood sign on the left ..

The hollywood sign stares in many shows and movies also...

Some facts you fight not know is that it contains 4,000 lights , cost 21,000 to buil, is 50ft tall , and has an amazing 4.5 star ratings.

They hollywood sign is a beautiful place with an outstanding history.

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