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Title I Information 2021-2022

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What is the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)?


Did You Know About Title I?

  • Title I is the largest federally funded educational program in the United States.
  • Provides supplemental funds to assist schools with the highest student concentrations of poverty to meet school educational goals.
  • Title I is designed to help students achieve proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards.
  • Provide funds to districts in order to assist schools with the highest levels of economically disadvantaged children for improving student achievement, staff development, and parent and community involvement.

The Benefits of Title I Funding

At this time, in person after school opportunities are not available due to COVID.

Title I Literacy Support Program at Our School

Our mission at Oakbrook is to provide every student with a quality educational experience in a safe, challenging, and engaging environment. At Oakbrook, we have a full time Literacy Consultant and a part-time Literacy Coach. Mrs. Kotula and Mrs. Mrs. Agrusso work with students daily to help support their individual needs in literacy.

The Value of Students Coming to School Every Day


The 3 best ways Parents can Help Teachers:

1. Be involved in your child’s education – show them that you care and create a positive ‘triangle’ relationship between yourself, your child and your child’s teacher.

2. Educate yourself on the current trends in education – how is your child’s teacher educating your child. Times change and so does the way we teach. As a parent it is your job to come to grips with the new ways of learning, to best support and guide your child through their learning journey.

3. Send them to school happy – Give your child a hug before they walk out the door and you head off to work. Look them in the eye and tell them how much you love them, how proud of them you are and boost their confidence every day. They will be more secure and ready to start a positive day of learning.

Parental and Family Engagement: Supporting the Academic Success of Children

At this time, in person after school activities are not available due to COVID.

Home-School Compact

Please review the Home-School Compact below. The Home-School Compact is a document signifying the commitment to success between the student, parent, and teacher. Each persom will ensure they are doing their part to help the student succeed at school and at home. The Home-School Compact will be coming home with your students once they begin their face to face.

Home School Compact

Oakbrook Elementary

Home / School Compact


As a Parent I will:

· See that my child attends school regularly, on time, and prepared to learn.

· Let my child know that I value learning and their school by discussing their day.

· Provide a regular time and place for studying.

· Provide support to ensure that assignments are completed on time.

· Attend all parent/teacher conferences, participate in school functions when able, and communicate with teachers and staff as needed.

· Teach my child responsibility and how to treat others fairly and with respect.

As a Teacher I will:

· Provide quality instruction that incorporates research-based strategies.

· Respect each child as an individual.

· Support parents with resources and learning opportunities.

· Instruct all students at their individual level.

· Keep current with instructional practices and use student assessment scores to make instructional decisions.

· Keep parents informed of their child’s progress and the proficiency level their child is expected to meet.

· Be a positive role model.

As a Student I will:

· Arrive prepared with all my materials and ready to learn.

· Treat my classmates and all adults fairly and with respect.

· Become a responsible partner in my own learning.

· Complete and turn in assigned homework/classwork on time.

· Do my personal best and share what I am doing in school with my family.

· Make positive choices in my daily decision making.

Oakbrook's Parent Involvement Plan

Oakbrook Elementary Parent Involvement Plan

Oakbrook Elementary School believes that parent involvement is critical to the success of each student. Strong partnerships exist between staff, parents, and community members. Our Parent Teacher Organization (Oakbrook Family Tree) exists to support and extend classroom learning.

Oakbrook Elementary encourages parental involvement through programs designed to increase parent-school communications. Parents will be involved in evaluating Title I programs and services. Another important component is the Home/School Compact. This compact is given to parents at our conferences. The compact is an agreement that the parent, the teacher, and the student provide a partnership for learning between school and home. Title I meetings that include parents are planned throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to offer suggestions regarding activities to enrich the education of our students.

Oakbrook Elementary School has developed a parent involvement plan which is based on the Utica Community Schools’ Parent Involvement Rules and Regulations Policy #5510 mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

I. The involvement of parents and community members is an essential component within the educational process. We will make every effort to invite and consider parent and community input to ensure the success of our students.

II. Oakbrook Elementary shall maintain web access through the Utica Community Schools website http://www.uticak12.org as well as distribute documents in paper form if requested regarding the following:
A. Kindergarten through 6th grade Parent Guides to Grade Level Content Expectations
B. Annual Report Information
C. District Events Calendar
D. Oakbrook Elementary School website

III. Oakbrook Elementary and /or Utica Community Schools will continue to provide the following to parents through paper copy, email, or other technology:
A. District Newsletter – Focus for the Community
B. Oakbrook Newsletters
C. Annual Reports
D. Parent/Student Handbooks
E. Automated telephone notification system

IV. We will continue to coordinate and integrate opportunities for parental involvement with:
A. Academic Support Programs
B. Extra-Curricular Academic Opportunities
There will be Parent Involvement Opportunities throughout the year.

V. Our staff shall assess parent involvement through the Annual Title I Parent Involvement survey. The information from the survey will be used by the Oakbrook staff to evaluate the effectiveness of the parent involvement plan.

VI. Parents can be involved in school activities by:

A. Helping their children with homework
B. Attending open houses virtually
C. Attending parent/teacher conferences virtually
D. Attending parent meeting virtually

E. Attending parent organization meetings

VII. Oakbrook Elementary will do the following to build the capacity for strong parental involvement in our school:
A. Help parents understand the state’s academic content standards; academic achievement standards; state and local assessments; the requirements of Title 1 Part A.
B. Educate staff members on how to communicate, work, and collaborate with parents as equal partners.
C. Coordinate virtual parent meetings and activities at convenient times.
D. Strive to bridge the communication between our school and English Language Learner families using the English Language Teacher and Paraprofessional for support.

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Oakbrook Elementary Literacy Team

Mrs. Kotula, Title I Teacher and Literacy Coach

Mrs. Yurconis, Title I Para Professional