Middle East News

By:Braden Ehlers


Desalinization is the process the turns seawater drinkable. Saudi Arabia has spent a lot of money on desalinization so they can drink and grow more food.


An erg is a huge area of shifting sand dunes in the Shara. Most ergs are in Southern Algeria.


Casbahs are older sections of Algerian cities. Even though most people live in the newer sections of Algeria, some people visit Casbahs.

The Oil Crew

OPEC stands for organization of petroleum exporting countries. OPEC worked to increase income from the sell of oil

Libya The Country of Oil

Libya's main export is oil. They use the oil money for food, building schools and hospitals, and maintain a strong military

The Good and Bad on the Aswan Dam

The dam gives some positive and negative effects to the Nile people. Some postitives are that it gives the people control of the Nile's floods and it can store water in it. The Aswan dam also blocks the flow of silt and prevents less fesh water.
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