Technology rules for Parents

By Ethan

Rule #1

Never text or make phone calls while driving otherwise you may hurt yourself or others.
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Rule #2

Never give random people you phone information that you don't know otherwise they could give it to other people or track you down.

Rule #3

You cant always trust everyone on the internet because they might be wanting to "hook up" and do bad things to you.
Internet Safety

Rule #4

Always make sure you actually know who your adding on your social media devices because they might be creepers.

Rule #5

Do not give out your password to anyone that you cant trust or your dating or else they may put something on your account and change the password so you cant take it off.
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Rule #6

don't download illegal content or anything that you know is illegal because it may cause viruses or other bad things.

Rule #7

If you have a computer with a webcam in your room or an area you get changed than you should cover the camera with tape or something that you cant see through. If you don't then people could hack the laptop and watch you.
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Rule #8

Always make sure to not give anyone your credit card information or else they could use it to buy stuff with your money.

Rule #9

If someone is trying to phone you or email you then just ignore them and don't do anything they say.

Rule #10

If you see something that has to do with porn do not click on it otherwise you will be caught in a "pornado".