Mental Retardation

By: Jaren, Jared, Bryce


Mental Retardation- diagnosed before the age of 18, below average intellectual function, lack of skills necessary for daily function.


Difficulty thinking and understanding life skills. hyperactive, restlessness.

Whats it Like for the Caregivers

friends and caregivers usually have to struggle and provide basic necessity that anyone can do for them selves but have to provide those necessities for someone with mental retardation.


For most students they go to school like the rest of us but there classes are a little different. The mentally handy capped are in a class with people that have most of the same symptoms. The classes are taught specifically to teach them lessons for when they go out into the real world
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The scientific term would be "mentally retarded" but now a days it is considered inappropriate, disrespectful and rude to call them that. The appropriate term would be handy caped or special. This is a more respectful terminology.

Mental Retardation