Mrs. Ehrhardt's Math Class

Carroll Oakland School

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Classroom Policies & Procedures

Listen to Instructions - Students are expected to have their mouths closed, ears open, and eyes on the teacher when she is in front of the class. Do not talk when the teacher or another student is talking. Do not leave your seat without permission. You will be dismissed by the teacher, not the bell. Do not pack up belongings until the teacher has given permission to do so.

Enter and Exit Prepared - Students will enter the room silent, on time, and prepared for class. Students will leave all socializing in the hallway. You must get your composition notebook from the crate, make sure you have all supplies for class, be in your seat, and begin the business of Math BEFORE the bell rings. If you are late due to another teacher, you must bring a signed note from the teacher or you will receive a tardy. Excessive tardiness will result in the loss of your locker for a period of time. Use the restroom BEFORE you come to class. Once you have entered the room, you will not be allowed to leave until the class is dismissed.

Always Try Your Best – You are required to give maximum effort no matter how difficult or challenging the concept may be. You will experience productive struggle. Productive struggle leads to deeper understanding. If you are not struggling, you are not learning. Students may also be asked to show work in multiple ways.

Respect yourself and others - All students will be treated with respect and shown courtesy. In turn, the same behavior is expected from all students. Silly/disruptive behavior, and disrespect will NOT be tolerated. Be completely quiet when the intercom comes on and when a visitor or another teacher comes into the classroom.

No Excuses – Students will be held accountable for their actions, attitude, work, and work ethic. Not completing and/or missing assignments will NOT be tolerated. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to makeup missed assignments, quizzes, and tests immediately. Assignments will be placed daily in a crate located in the back of the room, and should be checked after a student has been absent. Once work is made up, it should be placed in the make-up work tray.


A short homework assignment will be given on Tuesday and will be due on Wednesday. This assignment will be discussed and presented by all student groups on Wednesday. Additionally, this assignment may be taken up and graded at any time.

Quizzes/Test will be given every Friday. Mini-quizzes will be given throughout the week. ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN FOR CREDIT.

Each week, students may be assigned a rigorous task or activity to complete during class. Participation is required and expected. Lack of participation will result in disciplinary action, and is detrimental to a student’s understanding of mathematical material.

Quizzes- 25%

Homework- 30%

Project- 25%

Classwork- 20%


  • Composition Notebook, 2 pocket-folder, 2 glue sticks, colored pencils, and expo markers
  • These policies and procedures are in place to maximize student learning and minimize any distractions that will deter student achievement. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and adherence to the policies and procedures set forth. I have read and understand the policies and procedures for 8th grade Math class.

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Classroom Rules

1. Respect self, adults, others and school property

2. Display appropriate/positive citizenship & character

3. Be prepared for class