Google Drive, Part 1

Just the Basics: Creating Docs, Slides, Sheets, & a Bit More

Getting Started With the Basics in Google Drive

In this session you learn the basics of using your Google Drive. It is a wonderful set of tools that provide you with a whole new way to think about your classroom environment. You will learn:

  • How to log-in to Google Drive
  • The various parts of Google Drive
  • How to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets
  • How to share documents with students and other staff members
  • How to manage a Google Calendar
  • How to manage files within Google Drive
  • Creating and Using Groups within Google Drive
Google Drive tutorial: What Is Google Drive? |

Google Drive vs Google Docs: Let's get it straight

Think of Google Drive like you would a laptop or tablet that you carry with you. On that tablet or laptop, you would likely have several software applications (like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PhotoShop, etc) and you would have access to the internet. So far, so good.

Now, imagine that you leave home and your laptop/tablet is on the dining table next to your lunch and you forget both. You arrive at work all set to begin and everything you had planned is at home. Uh oh!

But that's not how it happens with Google Drive. You can access your Google Drive from any device, anywhere, at any time. Really. Whatever you have created or stored in your Google Drive can be accessed on your office computer, your iPad, your mobile phone. It's really hard to leave home without it.

Now, before we go on, just make a note that Google Docs -- well, they are IN Google Drive. They are Google's version of all those software applications you used to use.

Let's see how it all works now.

After this workshop, you can use the video below to review what we have discussed about Google Drive and Google Docs.

Google Drive Log-in Information

Your user name is going to be the same as your First Class email address


Your password will initially be

hjones32aisd OR arlingtonisd

You do not have rights to change your password. Your CTM or Tech Liaison can do it for you if you need to change it.

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Watch the video below to overview the first screen of Google Drive

Google Drive Part 1: Overview

Let's learn how to create a new text document in your Google Drive

Google Drive 1 Creating Google Docs

Creating presentations is easy with Google Slides

Google Drive 1 Google Slides

Google Sheets is an interesting alternative to other spreadsheet applications

Google Drive 1 Google Sheets

Shared Documents in Google are a real game-changer

Google Drive 1 Sharing Documents

Google Calendars help with time management and organization

Google Drive 1 Calendars

Organizing your Google Drive is easy file management

Google Drive 1 File Management

Google Drive Groups allows you to organize your contacts and classes

Google Drive 1 Managing Groups

A little post session guided practice is located at the link below. Open the ThingLink and follow the arrows!

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