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We all know the value of the home environment in our students' academic lives. This infographic can be another weapon in our arsenal convincing families just how important reading outside of school is. Click the link for a larger view.

Speaking of reading at home, next are two articles about the value of reading aloud at all ages. I'd love to see more people reading aloud to their kids well past the early elementary years. If parents need book suggestions, send them my way!

One tricky thing about tween readers is that they sometimes make "questionable book choices". How to handle that in the classroom? Get some ideas from Donalyn Miller's article.

Finally from our own Plain Dealer last week, the importance of unstructured playtime in learning.

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Bookish Suggestions

Spring Break Screen Time

I'm semi-addicted to TED talks of all kinds (and there are scientific reasons for that too!). Here are a few by authors that I've found really inspirational. First is Jarrett Krosoczka's (Platypus Police Squad) incredibly moving talk about how he overcame a difficult childhood to pursue his passion to write and draw (not all parts will be appropriate for middle grade students). Grace Lin (Where the Mountain Meets the Moon) talks about feeling ashamed of her Chinese heritage and the importance of having books as both mirrors of ourselves and windows into other cultures. I could see a lot of students relating to this, and analyzing their bookshelves at home. And Mac Barnett (The Terrible Two), who sort of wins for being the coolest author ever, gives us insight into the place where truth and lies come together. Spend some time over spring break getting inspired by these amazing authors.