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Parent Concerns & Answers

Here is a list of what parents are saying, and our answers. Please try to stick to these answers when parents bring these concerns up.

  • We don't like being in a pilot/having our students used as "guinea pigs": No longer calling this a pilot. We are now saying that the 6th grade is just the first grade to move to Canvas.
  • That Zoom stuff doesn't work, and is the first bug we've found in Canvas: Canvas and Zoom are not connected. Zoom is a separate product.
  • My student doesn't know how to log in to Canvas: the process is shown in Courtney's video (below - Student Log In Video). Students will log into Moodle first, go to "My School" and then click on one of their courses. Canvas courses will open in a new tab. Students will log in with their email address and their regular Moodle password.
  • My student has nothing due in Canvas: Because the teachers allow for one week to complete lessons from the time of posting, it might for right now look like nothing is due. If students are working from their Dashboard Page in Canvas, it likely says under Coming Up: Nothing for the next week. (See photo below called Coming Up). There are other views. Students should click on Calendar, instead. (See photo below for Calendar).
  • We get a warning about our browser not being up to date: If you're using a school computer, make sure that you've recently restarted it to get the most recent updates. We also suggest that families use Chrome.
Coming Up - What That Looks Like

Note: it says Nothing for the next week because due dates are pushed a week out. To change this view, click "View Calendar."

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Calendar - What That Looks Like

Students can select to see a Month at a time, a week at a time or Agenda. You can see that each course has a corresponding color on the calendar. When a student completes an assignment, it crosses it off on the calendar, indicating that it is done.

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