AVID Strategies Class

Mrs. Jessica Scheff

The Goal

The goal of the AVID Strategies class is to advance the thinking of our students. The class will use AVID materials and strategies to support the students' learning in their core classes. There will be a strong focus on careers and real-world skills needed for success in a global society. Students will be analyzing, critiquing, discussing, collaborating, hypothesizing, and more. We want the students to want more knowledge than what is just given to them; to develop a thirst for knowledge, know how to find new information, and how to process that information.

Course Resources

  • Google Chromebook
  • 1" Paper binder
  • Edmodo
  • AVID Curriculum books


Tutorials: 20%

Classwork: 20%

Binder Checks: 20%

Projects: 20%

Career Prep and Employabiity: 10%

Learning Logs: 10%

Student Expectations

  • Students will push their thinking beyond basic ideas, and use the inquiry process to help their classmates do the same.
  • Homework will be completed on time.
  • Students will be actively engaged in the appropriate websites and apps during class time.
  • Students will maintain an organized Paper and Digital Binder.
  • Students will be active participants in daily lessons.
  • Students will collaborate effectively with their peers, including positive communication, teamwork, and listening skills.

Contacting Mrs. Scheff

Voicemail extension is 5154302. My preferred method of communication is e-mail.