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Fire up Your Fall!


Welcome to the official start to the fall season - typically the busiest and best time of year in our business! Summer has been fun, but it’s always nice to re-focus, have a routine, and get back on schedule and back to work!

Myself and the other MN leaders, want this to be your MOST successful time with Beautycounter to date, so we are creating the tools you will need to grow, promote, and succeed based on your own personal goals.

As a result, we have assembled a series of three available tracks, depending on your individual business and your financial and promotion goals heading into the holiday season. Regardless of which track you choose, there will be training, support, bi-weekly calls, a collaborative group atmosphere, and of course, prizes along the way!

Here are the three tracks being offered:

Track A: Two Months to Manager ($2,500 BV):

This group is for those of you that have 1-4 hours a week to invest in your business. You may be a hobbyist or brand advocate, and you are looking for a small amount of structure by joining this track. We will be providing a smaller amount of direction and training with this group, while offering a positive collaborative environment to enable you to work with other consultants with similar goals.

Track B: Three Months to Senior Manager ($5,000 BV):

This group is for those of you that have 5+ hours a week to invest in your business. Your focus is both on building your personal business as well as mentoring a team (either existing or with the intention to build). You will be hearing from leaders in the field and getting support from your track group as well as your mentors.

Track C: Three Months to Director ($10,000 BV):

Members of this group have 10+ hours a week or more to invest in your business. You would love to earn an income of $1,000 + a month by hitting Director. You are willing to step outside your comfort zone to push yourself and your team. As with the other tracks, you will have the support of your track group as well as your mentors and other leaders.

As you think about which track to join, please know that each track is designed to be achievable within the focus period. Regardless of where your business has been, focus instead on where you want to take your Beautycounter business and the effort you’re willing to put forth!

Please email me back with what track you would like to join if you are choosing to participate in our “Fire up your Fall” series! Please respond by Tuesday evening, Sept. 8th. (sorry for the late notice, I had 3 of 4 kids sick this weekend! :( )We will be starting our series this week!

We cannot wait to get everyone's business moving at high speed!

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New Products Launch

On September 1st we launched 3 new products! The new Eye Shadow in Slipper/Slate and Eye Liner in Navy is finally available for all of those that have been patiently waiting! Not to mention the new Precision Brush.
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September Recruiting Incentive

Recruiting in September is key to establishing a strong team for the upcoming holiday selling season. To reward you for sharing Beautycounter's mission of getting safe products into the hands of everyone, we are offering you two brand new rewards for your personal recruiting efforts.

From September 1-30, 2015, when you recruit one Level 1 new Consultant who accumulates at least $500 Personal Volume in their start month, you will receive six samples of the brand new Tint Skin Blister Packs, which will feature three light and three dark tones. Additionally, when you recruit two Level 1 new Consultants that each accumulate at least $500 Personal Volume in their start month, you will receive the six samples of Tint Skin Blister Packs PLUS a Beautycounter signature tote bag. This incentive is the only way for existing Consultants to get our NEW tote bag, which will be part of the updated Start Counting program launching next month. So double your recruiting efforts and get double the rewards in September.
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Please save the date for our MN Team Meeting on Tuesday September 29th @ 5:30 in Bloomington (more details to come). Our Midwest Regional Director, Natalie Johns will be here to help us give you an intensive training.

This training will replace our regularly scheduled team meeting for September that takes place on the first Monday of the month.


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On the Road Again!

It's that time of year again! I am heading out to spread our mission to other cities!

So far we are in the preliminary planning stages, but please start thinking about who you know in these cities. Invitations coming soon!

Monday, October 5th- Fargo, ND

Tuesday, October 6th- Sioux Falls, SD

Wednesday, October 7th- Omaha,NE

Thursday, October 8th- Either Wichita KS, or Kansas City, MO

Details coming soon!

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August End of Month Incentive WINNER

Congrats to Cecilia Moyer on winning a set of 4 Life Factory wine glasses! Way to go Cecilia, and good job to all of you who incresed your volume and got entries~More incentives coming soon!! Cecilia~Expect the glasses in your mailbox soon! :)

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August Promotions

Congrats on your hard work in August ladies - it has paid off! This is just the beginning

Maria Neset - Sr. Consultant

Jennifer Aspend - Sr. Consultant

Jodi Vandeberg - Sr. Consultant

Tracey Tischler - Sr. Consultant

Kelly Radunske- Manager

Kristin Nightingale - Manager

Teri Downing - Manager

Kristi Gatchell - Manager

Maggi Arndt - Sr. Manager

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Team Force For Change on Facebook!

If you have not yet joine our team page, please do so! We want to build a comminity, within the larger one!

CLICK HERE to be added!

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"Backyard Bash" To END Alzheimer's

And now a shameless plea for your support, and invitation to join us for our 3rd Annual Backyard Bash To End Alzheimer's on Sept 12th at the Huxtable residence at 6pm in Woodbury.

As many of you know, this cause is very near and dear to my heart. My sweet momma Lucy was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at the age of 59. My family advocates hard for change. Please consider - I promise it will be a good time for a wonderful cause!

Buy Tickets a head for $35 or $40 at the door

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