The GATOR Gazette Opening 8/2019

Publication 3 : 8/26/2019

Notes from Dr. Miller

Welcome Back, Kotter Theme (Intro & Outro)

Team Gompers,

Welcome Back and Welcome to the official first day and the first week of school!

I don't know about you but I still get butterflies the day and night before in anticipation of the journey ahead. As we begin "our" journey together know that to reach a destination we have to be walking on the same path towards to the end destination. This school year holds infinite possibilities with the best possible outcomes when we work together. Collectively we can meet all of our goals because we have educators and staff that believe in the promise of equity in education. This task is not easy and I understand that it requires hard work, commitment, and collaboration. My expectation is that both staff and students will continue to think of Gompers as a place where we come together to do amazing work. I know you will attempt new ideas, strategies, and innovations that will challenge you and the students in engaging work to meet our school goals. As the principal, I am committed to supporting your efforts to make great things happen in and out of the classroom for the students in whom we serve. I look forward to a year filled with great success stories and great learning practices as we continue to strive for excellence with students.

All information about our school community will be housed in this document. The Gator Gazette will be sent weekly via email by Sunday morning for the upcoming week. The Gazatte will include:

Instructional Focus Expectations

Access to Videos, Google Docs/Slidedecks and Google Forms for upcoming meetings that can be accessed via the bulletin but will also be housed in the Dr. Miller's Staff Google Classroom

School Protocols Expectations: GFS Green

Calendars for IEPS, SST, Assemblies

Notes/Updates from Counselor, Psychologist, PTA, District, etc.

***Please ensure that you click the blue links to documents that are embedded within the newsletter****

Let us all extend a big welcome to our new TEAM Gompers members: Kindergarten - Ms. Michelle Beay & Middle School - Mr. Clint Vis.


Dr. Damita Myers-Miller -

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School Vision, Mission and Values.......

What is your Why?

Click the embedded link to view a video by Simon Senek on the power of WHY

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Ummm...#1stdaywhy: CHALLENGE

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Social Emotional Foundations in School Culture & Climate "effect" Student Achievement

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LBUSD U6 - Creating a classroom atmosphere, where teachers deliberately balance caring relationships and supports for student success, provides a foundation for a safe learning environment that values diversity, trust and respectful communication.

Listed in the embedded link are 10 things to remember in creating and maintaining classroom culture:

Open Day Staff Meeting

Staff Opening Agenda 8-27 @ 8:30

Continental Breakfast provided by PTA @ 8:00amish

Click the embedded link for agenda:

School Protocols and Structures......

Instructional Focus Area

Clarity of Daily Learning Intentions

Teacher Clarity...How do you know students "got" the day's learning intention?

Initially, your first several weeks' will be working on the beginning of the year procedures and protocols, this will be the perfect time to ensure students KNOW the WHY and the significance of the structure or protocols you are teaching to support daily learning/engagement and maximum results in achievement levels.

Beginning and ending each period (MS) and or portion(s) of the day's schedule(ES) with the learning intention: What, Why and How is key!

Not only is it important for students to know what they are learning, why they are learning and how they are showing understanding(success criteria) but it is equally as important for the teacher to be mindful of knowing if students got it. In daily/weekly planning, assessment of the day's learning is the beginning stage vs the ending stage in planning.

Data is our friend...Becoming Familiar with the "new" LROIX Data Dashboard...

The NEW LROIX Data Dashboard

Click on the link below to access the video that shows the features of the new LROIX data dashboard. The video goes fast, so I wanted you to have access to watch it as many times as you would like. Please feel free to see me with any questions. Please "play with the new dashboard" in the coming weeks in order to familiarize yourself with the new features. Accessing the data will be important for our 1:1 BOY meeting at the end of September and the development of Grade and Department Action Plans.

Click the embedded link to view the LROIX video:

Click the embedded link to view the GOOGLE form for the data meeting:

Click the embedded link to view the Google doc for the schedule:

Culture and Climate........

Creating - Common Lessons for School Collective Efficacy and Cohesion

In an effort to support a K8 community, Gompers will have a common language of expectations for our students, Guidelines for Success (GFS) aka as GREEN. Our GFS common language of scholarly achievement, social, behavior and civic engagement expectations supports a school that has the same message for all 750 student's success. Students will be held to the expectation of having Gompers PRIDE by following the GFS as identified through the acronym of GREEN.

Definition for Gompers Gators "go" GREEN

G = GRIT..going the extra mile, persevering to achieve

R = RESPONSIBILITY...accountable to one's actions in scholarship, social and behavior

E = EXPECTATIONS...belief that all can achieve to their maximum potential

E = ETHICS...doing what is right when no one is looking

N = NEIGHBORLY...caring about our community

Gompers’ Effective Implementation Practices: GFS Assemblies, GFS BOY Lessons, Levels of Infractions, Safe and Civil Team, Common Area Expectations w/One Liners, MS & 5th Grade Code of Conduct with Point System (developed over time)

Examples of GFS lessons on "how to":

Robinson -

Scholarly Dress Expectations

Each and every day Gompers students are expected to be scholarly dressed for school success. Scholarly dress is defined as school uniform and abiding with LBUSD DRESS CODE (Board Policy):

Tops - Collard Shirts: Red, White, and Blue "uniform" Shirts

Bottom - Uniform pants and shorts No Jeans

Outwear - School Spirit Hoddies/Sweatshirts is highly preferred

Daily School Uniforms - Monday - Friday

or "weekly" School Uniform Spirit Day -

Friday - Gator Nation Day - Wear your Gator T-SHIRT & Uniform Botton/Blue Jeans (Friday ONLY)

SPIRIT WEEK and "special" SPIRIT Days will be announced throughout the year. Spirit Days will include "spirited tops" not bottoms; the uniform bottoms will still apply.

Teachers/Staff must be models of this as well

School Leadership...........

Adjunct Leadership Opportunities

1. Per the Change of Principal Workshop meeting held on June 24, 2019, there was some immediate concern related to adjunct duties and responsibilities of staff members. In an effort to support collective ownership for our school's success please help me in completing this list of all the additional supports that teachers, staff or committees do to support our school.

2. Adjunct Responsibilities: It is recognized that in carrying out job responsibilities, each employee shall perform many responsibilities and adjunct responsibilities, which occur outside of the scheduled on-site duty day. Such duties may involve activities such as supervision of pupils, sponsorship of student activities, and participation in school, district-wide and parent-community committees.

The maximum expectancy of any secondary school teacher shall be twenty (20) hours per semester, exclusive of faculty/department meetings. (LBUSD/TALB contract, Article V, A7) Adjunct Duty: Sign-ups for 17 hours by Wednesday, September 4:

Attached is the list that I have been able to compile of adjunct committee or events. However, I need more communication to find the amount of time connected to each. Once, time allocation is known, I will provide the link for staff to sign up through the Signup, an online application.

Change of Principal/Leadership Updates/Details - June 24, 2019

The entire Gompers community will be a part of working collectively to support our school change aka "little tweaks" process to support Going GREEN and GREAT through shared leadership opportunities. This is and will not be an overnight process this is a 3 to a 5-year longitudinal plan of collective action.

Change Theory

Quick Fixes as identified by "select staff representatives"

* Uniforms and Cell Phone Policy, Communication and Calendars & Adjunct duties

Long Term Fixes as identified by "select representatives"

* Discipline, School Safety, Safe and Civil Training and Application & Beautification

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community......

Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.