The Nation News

December 22, 1823

Monroe Doctrine: An Inside Look

President James Monroe recently issued a foreign policy doctrine with the assistance of Adams entitled the Monroe Doctrine. The doctrine was issued earlier this month on December 2nd. It states that European powers attempting to colonize or interfere in American affairs will be interpreted as acts of war, and America will step in. In turn, Monroe promised that Americans will stay out of European affairs as well. The signing and issuing of this foreign policy doctrine by our president is another step in the direction of American independence and power. This doctrine declares that America will no longer be subject to European colonization. By putting this doctrine into effect, Monroe is declaring a new era of American independence for the future.
Some of the positive effects of the Monroe Doctrine include increased American independence and nationalism, as well as a decrease in British involvement and power in America. In America's current position however, the country lacks the navy and army to enforce and carry out the doctrine. However, it is the right of the nation to be granted the independence that was fairly won in earlier years. It sets the guidelines for British involvement in America. Monroe is stating the terms of American independence, which is a bold move for the future of our country. The Monroe Doctrine of foreign policy has the capability to open the doors for the future of American independence.