Christmas Traditions For You

Its Time To Spread The Joy


Victorian families ate many things such as; Turkey (for the wealthy people), Goose or Rabbit, Roast Beef, Mince Pies, Fruit Cake, I eat meat and cake for christmas dinner.
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The thing children have been waiting for the best thing about christmas for any kid. Some Children got food such as Apples, Oranges and a few nuts because they were to poor to afford a hand made toy!



The Victorians were very enthusiastic about decorating their homes.

- Holly and Ivy hanging on the walls.

-Candles were lit

In my family we decorate everything for example we recreate the manger a 2 by 3 meter.

Santa Clause and Nicolaus

These Two began from different backgrounds but are now considerd the same person. Fun fact Santa Claus was normally dressed in green but because of Coca-Colas Advertisements he is red. Thats why Coca-Cola is the second most known word in the world.


There is plenty of carols and songs; The ones i sing are all in German for example: Stille Nacht and O Christmas Tree.


Originally workers got one day of in the year, I know right thats CRAZY! A middle class person would have 2 days, but then Boxing day which is situated on December the 26th earned its name as poor people got presents from the generous rich people. I have a 2week holiday starting from the december 19-January.
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