who i am by Bryce Womack

The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your source

Who i am

My skills consist of building things , going hunting, and lifting weights

My values are church, family, school, and football

My self-esteem i have aa high sefl-esteem

My learning style i lie to get it taught slow so i can understand it more

My career as a patroleum engineer

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job description

A Patroleum Engineer does test and researches and figures out problems about oil and fiugres diffrent ways to take out the oil of the ground

Median Salary

The median salary of a Ptroleum Egineer is $134,310

Job Outlook

The job outlook is supposed to increase 9% in 2022


Patroleum Engineer is in the S.T.E.M clust it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathmatic

Work Schedule

A Patroleum Engineer works a 40 hour week and he or she has to spend at least 12 hours on the oil rig

work enviroment

A Patroleum Egineer work in a office or a research lab and a few hours on the oil rig

What college would you like to attend?

Arkansas Tech University it is located in Russellvile, Arkansas

Why this college?

Because they have the programs i need for my engineering degree and because i have family down there

What degree do you need for your career?

You have to have at least a bachelours degree to be a engineer

what is the approxx?

It is $199.00 per hour

What are a couple scholar ships you could get?

You could apply for fiancial aide or a football scholarship
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