The constant search for his brother


Alberto is a 15 year old boy who has lost his older brother Hernando to the kidnappers in Mitú. Alberto lives with his mom. He has to live through the tragic times of the Civil War in Colombia. He is hoping that his brother will return home soon.

Geographical Information

When Alberto first finds out that his brother is missing, he wonders if he is safe from the jungle that he was captured in. Here is some information of what kind of land, climate, and natural occurrences happen in Colombia. Look at the link below.

Description of Environment

The schooling in Colombia is slowing getting better. Although there is still fighting, the kids try to bring peace back into life. For children the life and the schooling that they knew is becoming a memory and the new life is slowly becoming a reality. For Alberto he is in the poor middle class and like other kids unable to go to school. As for their neighborhood, it is one of the slums that most poor people live in because their home was taken over by the Cartlels or abandoned because of fear. I have a video that shows the Colombian life.

Events that have caused them to fight for change

An event that has caused Alberto to fight for change is that his brother was captured for just being part of the Colombian police force. I would fight for change just like Alberto did, I would do this because I would want to get my brother back to the family. I would not give up until I find my brother. This is a shame that his brother was captured in this time of need for his family.

What they have done to promote change

Alberto and his family are part of an organization called UNICEF. UNICEF is an organization that helps needy family's all around the world. UNICEF also helps out kids fight against the wars and help the adults strengthen the movement. The movement is the Civil War of the Colombian right wing, left wing, drug cartels, and the Colombian police force. This is a very helpful organization.

UNICEF Costa Rica

Friday, April 4th 1969 at 9pm

Pavas 490-1000, Costa Rica

This was the nearest UNICEF for Alberto's family to go to.

What are they hoping for in the future

Alberto's family is hoping to live a better life in Colombia. He is also hoping to get a better home, and to find his brother. This was all they wanted, they don't want fancy things like the upper classes. The family just wants simple things like love, life, peace, and most importantly hope.

My hope for Alberto

My hope for Alberto is that he has a great life style. I hope that he has a easy time finding his brother and just living life. Although I have never met him, he seems like a really great kid. Alberto cares about everyone and really doesn't care what people say or think. He is one of my role models in life. He never asks for anything, he just wants a better life for himself and his family.