The World of Spy Tech

Spy Technology : By Sage & Hutton


Spying has been around since the dawn of time. About 1,500 years ago, spies from Europe stole the secret of silk from China. A spy's tools they use to gather intelligence are called sneakies. Sneakies can be anything from hidden spy bugs to spy glasses. The Cold War era was called the Golden Age of Spying, because it was the most unusual and sophisticated spying age so far. The three agencies that spied a lot on each other during that time were MI6, CIA, KGB. (Most info from Ron Fridell p 4-7)

Secret Seeing Spies

There are many ways to look at people without them knowing you are there. Some spy cameras are hidden in plain sight, like on glasses or watches, but no one knows that they are there. Other seeing sneakies are tiny cameras concealed somewhere on you, not visible to the human eye. N.V.D's, or Night Vision Devices, help people see and spy on people in the dark. Spy Planes spy on people from the sky. Finally, a very unusual technique has been to attach cameras to pigeons and see through the pigeons point of view. (Fridell p 7-13)

Future Tech and Some Fun Facts!

Researchers are developing ways to make animal-looking drones as spies, which is called biomimetics. Spy agencies use facial recognition to find known or suspected terrorists in public places through databases. MAV's are mini aircraft use to spy on people. Some dangerous missions and fun facts are:

1. Not all dangerous missions involve weapons.

2. Covert Operations are illegal operations done by spy agencies around the world that are life- threatening.

3. Famous People are often targets of covert operations.

Spy Dress Code

In the Cold War, spies were told not to bring attention to themselves by dressing like normal people rather than in suits, like James Bond would.