Whoo's going to be #50

Get the fireworks ready.....

Team Sparkle and Shine is at 49!

Ladies we have had such an AMAZING beginning to this year! I am so so excited for the growth and opportunity available especially since it seems that the waiting list is over!! Right now we sit at 1-2 weeks for our designers in waiting from when they join!

Make sure as your new owls come on board you are emailing them their designer number because without this they are not able to log in to back office.

They chose a password at sign on so they should already have that piece of info ready!

*The Nest is fervently working on the system and has been since this weekend so for our new owls wanting to place orders let them know you will keep them posted and to check the Team Swift page for updates as well as the Back office of course as to when its up and running. Good tidbit is that Safari and Chrome are good to use to run our site as many have difficulties through Internet Explorer.

So.... the reason for the NEWS BLAST!! As of today we sit at 49 designers in Team Sparkle and Shine! You have no idea how absolutely happy this makes me as I sit on the anniversary of my first year drawing near!

If you would have told me last February 29th that I would be a Senior Team Leader with a team in over 5 states I would have laughed. I do not have a background in direct sales, I have a background in pediatrics but they wealth of knowledge I have been able to obtain here and share with all of you has enlivened me to find my niche and passion again and know I made the right choice!

The designer who signs on #50 will get an aqua rosette clip and owl necklace to layer with your locket or use alone or place on your rearview window. It's just a little token to say THANK YOU for letting us continue to grow!

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Love Always, Vanessa

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