Gap sweatshops

Sweat shops

Where their sweatshops are located

There sweatshops are located at Bangladesh, east of India

what products are made?

They make shoes,shirts,hoodies or anything that is sold by gap
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conditions in the sweatshops

The workers are forced to work over 100 hours in one week and only make 20 to 24 cents a hour. This sweatshop included physical punishments that was routine and happened around the clock to anyone that didn't meet a required amount of products made.

Did they respond to the accusations?

They did admit to using the sweatshops in Bangladesh but denied use of sweatshops any where else and they are still known to be using the sweatshops to this day. These violations continued despite the collapse of a garment factory in april that killed more then 1,200 workers and injured over 2,500 victims, mostly all women