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Agency and Urgency--- What does that mean?

Have you ever heard of Agency and Urgency as it relates to education? If not, these two things are what every educator must have in order to be successful in improving academic achievement. Agency is believing that you can teach and improve academic achievement. With many outside factors such as poverty, no parental support, foster children, homelessness, speaking another language as their first language, EC, etc., these are all factors that try to stand in the way of educating our students. If we feel like these factors stand in the way and we have no way of overcoming these barriers, we may not be successful at improving academic achievement. But, if in spite of all the barriers, we feel that we are awesome teachers and that we can move the dial on student achievement, than we will. Are you teaching with urgency? Do you make sure that every lesson you plan, every question you ask, every moment spent, is meaningful, intentional and expected to make an immediate direct impact on student achievement? Do you assign tasks that are meaningful from the beginning to the end or do you put fillers in to take up time and keep them busy? As you reflect (standard 5), ask yourself, Am I teaching with agency and urgency? I am placing a poster in your mailbox. Please post it somewhere in your room to remind you that in order to be an effective teacher, you must have a sense of agency and urgency as you educate our children each and every day!


Spelling Bee is Next Week

The Spelling Bee will be next Thursday, November 19th at 1:30 in the gym. Please send me your winners if you have not done so already!

Leveled Guided Reading Books

Every grade level has 2 sets of leveled guided reading books. They are located in your grade level tutor room. If you have not seen them let me know. Please utilize these resources. They are fiction and non-fiction. They provide rich colorful pictures with context that will help you teach the skills you need for that particular level.

Data Wall

Thank you to all grade levels that put data on the data wall. I am excited to see our students growth and have conversations about how we can improve academic achievement!

TRC Update from the District

mCLASS DIBELS and TRC Progress Monitoring:

DIBELS: Please be reminded that teachers must drill down to the lowest skill (to do this, teachers should click on BOY from their purple tab class page to see all the individual probe scores) and score when intervening and progress monitoring to ensure that a student is well equipped with skills in all early literacy skills. For example, if a student is red and or yellow in both PSF (Phoneme Segmentation Fluency) and NWF (Nonsense Word Fluency either CLS or WWR), the student needs intervention and progress monitoring in PSF first. This is crucial that the hierarchy of DIBELS skills be followed. Please ensure that teachers understand the theory and reasoning behind this. If a student is brought to intervention team, it is crucial that these early literacy skills data be analyzed and that work surround the lowest skill area first. Skipping PSF or any level of the hierarchy is not the way to reading success.

TRC: To meet the state law requirement for TRC progress monitoring, please remind your teachers that best practice is to have one read for the PM. Regardless of what the device says to do (go up a level or go down a level) the best practice for this requirement is to have the student read only one book.

TeachingBooks.net---Awesome Resource

Please look at the webinar about TeachingBooks.net. I am looking for a teacher leader to learn about it, use it in your class, and train the staff on it... Who is up for the challenge?


Dyslexia Information from the District

Please look at the information below to see if you have students that would benefit from the following resources.