Ancient India

Learn all about Ancient India!

Ancient India's Geography

Ancient India is considered a "subcontinent" and was and still is home to many people, and it had exotic terrain to go with it. Ancient India is a peninsula, which means it's completely surrounded by water, or almost completely surrounded by water. Ancient India has many mountains, including Mount Everest. Ancient India's climate is various, it's dry, it's damp, it's hot, and sometimes it's even tropical. Ancient India is almost all bordered off, because it has mountains all around. Ancient India had many droughts and monsoons, rivers, and plains. Ancient India's land was very fertile, so they could easily farm. Especially since most of their cities were next to a river.

Ancient India's Religion

Ancient Indians believed many religions, but the two main religions were Buddhism and Hinduism. Buddhism is still a religion today just like Hinduism, but many people are familiar with the Buddhism but don't know it. The Buddha is the "leader" or this belief, and was once a prince too. The Buddha's real name is Siddhartha Gautama, and he went out in search of an answer to achieve nirvana. Hinduism is karma, and dharma. Dharma decides your existence, in the life before you're a human, if you had good karma (Basically behavior) you would be reborn as something more important. If you had bad karma, you would be reborn as something with less importance, like a flower or a tree. The goal of it is to be reborn eight times with good karma, to reach their god, Brahma.

Ancient India's Unique Animals

The Bengal Tigers are usually the normal tiger picture in peoples head, but it's actually not. It lives in India, and is a symbol of positiveness, unpredictability, and trust. Zebu is another, and Zebu looks similar to Nandi, which is the sacred bull of Shiva. Nandi also protects most animals, bulls and cows. Another sacred animals which is the most interesting, is a Sloth Bear. It looks exactly like a bear, except slower and a longer coat. It eats termites and other bugs, and it's endangered. Who knows, maybe dinosaurs still do exist still!

Present Day India

India has progressed a lot since ancient times, and has lost and gained. India today is different and similar. A big difference is that it has a larger population, and different types of animals now. They have new ways to clean food, bathe, and live. They still worship the same religions, and still get their water from the Holy River.

Fun Activities in India

Sometimes, people just want to have fun. There are many activities to do in India though, like exploring the numerous wildlife parks, or visiting a temple to relieve stress. One leisurely activity that many enjoy, is munching on food. India has many snack bars with different types of food, like dosas, which are rice pancakes, and dahi-bahlle, which are donuts glazed with yogurt and has spices on it. Another activity is going to festivals. There are many festivals in India, like Festival of the Lights, Festival of the Colors, and the Festival of the Harvest.