Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 21

Math, Science, Social Studies

January 25-29

I absolutely loved reading some of the questions and things your children wrote on their MLK homework! We have some very sweet and thoughtful kids!

I will be out half a day tomorrow, Monday, January 25th. I will return by lunchtime.

Friday is our 100th Day of School! It will be a busy day with the fashion show, the Kindergarten Krewe of Gators and pep-rally. We will celebrate this day with 100 themed activities in Math!

BIG change in the classroom! Based on student feedback, I have made a change in my classroom seating arrangement. My class now has a mixture of 9 sitting desks and 8 standing desks. Some believe that many students do better standing while working and learning. The majority of students in both classes indicated that they would like to try standing desks. We will see who it works for and who it doesn't. This is not an old school punishment technique, but rather an idea to improve attention and interaction. ( I started with 1 standing desk on Friday and everyone wanted it!)

I'll update you as to the effectiveness. (Students will not be standing all day! They will be with Crowson half the day as well as sitting during enrichment classes.)

Test Schedule

NO TESTS this week. We will have class activities for our weekly grade. Please talk to your child about the importance of working hard on classwork if they are bringing in W's. After grading this set of test papers, I am concerned that some students scored very low on last week's math tests. We are going to review last week's lessons on Number Patterns as we can.

Sign and Return papers come home tomorrow!

Homework Packet

Due on or before Friday, January 25th

Packet includes:

  • 13.1-13.5
  • Science: Describing Matter


This week we will start Chapter 13 on telling time. Please review at home as this is a difficult task for some. We are only looking at time to the hour and half hour. Practice with the link below.

If your child is seeing a tutor and you would like me to provide a reteach pack on weekly lessons, please let me know.


We will be jumping back into our textbook this week with a unit on Matter with lessons on describing matter, solids, liquids, and gases. Click the link below to review Science Ch. 9.

Social Studies Focus This Week:

We will work in our Maps,Globes,and Graphs book as well as preparing for the IOWA test.

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Scholastic Book Orders

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Students earn classroom rewards with each book order.