Mosaica Online Happenings

November 19-30 2012

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving - safe travels, a relaxing time, good food, and good times with family and friends:)

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Thursday, November 29th: Parent Education Meeting @ 8:30pm Eastern
  • Monday, December 3rd: CA Wildomar Center work from home day
  • Tuesday, December 4th: Staff Meeting at 7pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, December 5th: Paragon Night for CA Wildomar Center
  • **Beginning August 28th, all adjunct teachers must submit invoices to Brenda McCullers on the 14th and 28th of the month**

Thanksgiving Break across Mercury land!

Our different locations do have slight variations in Thanksgiving Break..... Please see below:

Arizona: November 21-23/Wednesday-Friday
November 19-23/Monday-Friday
November 21-23/Wednesday-Friday

Staff Spotlight - Gina Ciprotti

Today we spotlight someone who we all depend on, but who does not work just with us:) What would we all do without Gina??? Thank you Gina for all that you do - we appreciate you!

Gina Ciprotti has worked for Mosaica for just over 2 years now as a PowerSchool/SIS Administrator. She worked in IT for K-12 schools for the last 8 years, mostly as a SIS admin, but also as a trainer and scheduling expert. Gina lived all over the country from Boston to Dallas, but last year moved back “home” to Marietta, GA near where she grew up. Music and motherhood are her two passions, but she is also a computer geek at heart. She has two very active sons, ages 12 and 14 that keep her quite busy between football, soccer, band, and science/robotics team. Definitely never a dull moment.

Mercury Sunshine!

Let me know of any concerns or celebrations within our Mercury family!

Club Corner

Elementary Environmental Club:
These students are currently working on some amazing eco art projects! These will be presented at their next meeting and we will be sure to share with you all.

Book Club (grades 3-5):
These students are reading online: An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving By - Louisa May Alcott


What is Love and Logic®?

Love allows children to grow through their mistakes.

Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices.

"Teachers who smile and greet kids at their door...each and every morning...have students who give them more to smile about...each and every evening."

How about turning on that web cam and greeting your students with a smile?

Love and Logic® Teacher-isms by Jim Fay and Charles Fay

What Is Going On In Other Mercury Locations?

Besides our students in AZ, CA, and AZ we are serving students in the following locations:
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Muskegon Heights, Michigan

Hyderabad, India


You will receive updates here that will pertain to our students in any of these locations!

  • be sure to consult the various calendars in D2L for these locations
  • Teachers PLEASE be sure you are keeping your D2L grade book updated. Whenever a program needs grades for a progress report, we export the D2L grade book current average. Thank you!

Upcoming Holidays:

India - November 22

Puerto Vallarta - November 23

Muskegon Heights - November 22-23

Data Discussion...

Scantron Performance Series Growth Targets have been sent out for our Q2 Benchmarks. Please use these documents to determine whether your students are on track for achieving Mosaica's 1.25 year's growth goals in Reading and Math.

When viewing the spreadsheets, be sure to view the grade level 'adjusted' tab. Then, see if the Q2 Actual (column I for Reading, column V for Math) exceeds the Q2 Adjusted Target (column H for Reading, column U for Math). If so, you're on your way to terrific student achievement! If not, let's drill down to see exactly which objectives your student has mastered, and which need to be reinforced. Use this knowledge to plan accordingly, and you're using data to drive your instruction! Way to go!

Online Paragon Nights!

The next "live" regularly scheduled Online Paragon Night is set for .....

December 11th at 8:30pm (Eastern)

Targeted Learning Series.....

Each Wednesday at 1pm Eastern, Stephanie Dunbar holds a BRIEF (10-15 minutes) Collaborate session on a "hot topic" pertaining to Mercury. Anyone is invited to attend....... The meetings are held in Stephanie's Collaborate office, which can always be accessed from Desire2Learn.

Next week's topic: TBA - will resume on November 28th:)

Join us if you can:)

And Our new weekly installment..... your joke of the week

A teacher sees that one of his students, Suzie, is sleeping in the class.

The teacher says to another student: Please lean over and wake Suzie.

The other student says: Sir, you put her to sleep, so you better wake her up.