Padbury CPS Newsletter

Issue #13 - 20 August 2021


Justice - Treat everyone fairly and equally


Padbury Catholic Primary School is an education community committed to following in the footsteps of Jesus, living our motto ‘Love One Another’ (John 13:34)


Our Vision is to educate the whole child, Inspiring Hearts and Minds, to become faith-filled, creative, life-long learners through meaningful and innovative experiences.


Our Vision comes to life through our core values which are inspired by the Gospels and our Mercy charism: Compassion; Service; Mercy; Justice; Dignity; Hospitality; Stewardship; Excellence



Please check the community calendar for upcoming and future dates as the calendar is regularly updated.


First Holy Communion

Our Year Four children will be receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist this weekend. Thank you to the Year Four teachers, Miss Wilson and Mrs Babac, for preparing the children so beautifully for this special sacrament in which they receive Jesus for the very first time. Please keep them in your prayers.

Wheel Chairs for Kids

Parish and Leadership Team Networking continues in the north coastal region. It is an avenue where leaders share and build collaborative capacity. Yesterday Leadership Teams and Priests from our region visited Wheelchair for Kids to see how we may be able to assist in this programme that manufactures wheelchairs from scratch enabling the world’s most vulnerable children a renewed sense of dignity, hope and independence. Through our Mercy Value of Compassion, we hope to try and make our children more aware of those in need in our world.

The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan

WOW WOW WOW what a brilliant Musical production of The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan spanning a matinee last Wednesday through to three evening performances from Thursday to Saturday! I always knew the Musical was going to be great, but it was actually next level!

I was absolutely blown away by the children's performance, so professional and polished. The backstage crew were also awesome! The energy and excitement and joy on their faces was a delight to see, SUPERB!! So many creative talents unleashed! I have not laughed so much in a long time and am so very proud of our senior students. Congratulations!

I am so proud of our SUPERstar Production Team too – Mrs Bastow and Mr vB excelled in their Director roles! Big thanks also to Music and Choreographer Managers – Mrs Cusack, Mrs Tardrew and Mrs Carter and Prop and Backstage Manager, Mrs Barry. They all worked seamlessly together as a Team, and it certainly shone through in every aspect to make the Musical such a huge success. To add to the atmosphere big thanks also goes to Candy Store Managers Mrs Hutcheson and Mrs Holness; the audience devoured all the delicious goodies that were provided!

I have been inundated with so many parents saying how much they loved the show and how appreciative they are of having a specialist learning area for Drama/Art at PCPS. We have a very well-rounded curriculum and extra curricula programme at our school catering for all children.

Congratulations all round once again to the senior students in the Musical and all the Production staff!

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Our Arts programme continues to shine this term with…

The Catholic Performing Arts Festival is up and running again. Children have been entered into a number of events - choral singing, Christian dance, small group (contemporary band/ small group singers) and soloists (piano, vocal, instrumental), Musical, so that they can share their special gifts and talents with others.

One Big Voice is back this year and PCPS participated in Australia’s largest choir today.

Big thankyou to Mrs Cusack for preparing the children and practising with them for the events above.

Edu dance is well and truly underway this term with the children thoroughly enjoying expressing themselves and unleashing their creativity through the medium of dance. We look forward to the concerts later in the term.

Regional school networking

To further develop links between our local Catholic Schools, PCPS hosted a Regional Curriculum Conference on the pupil free day on Monday with 150 staff in attendance. The Conference consisted of a Keynote presentation on the CEWA Vison for Learning and a wide range of concurrent sessions, with school-based staff and CEWA presenters. The Conference provided tailored choices of professional learning as well as networking opportunities for our staff who work within close proximity to each other in the North Coastal Region.

So many exciting things happening...

Congratulations on the fabulous effort of our State Cross Country Team. Our amazing competitors committed themselves to many training sessions provided by Mr Hignett and their determination to achieve their personal best whilst displaying great sportsmanship on the day was a real credit to our school. Well done everyone. Huge thankyou also to Mr Hignett for his dedication and passion for Cross Country! Please see the Sport section in the newsletter for results.

As part of the Extension Programme, preparation for the Tournament of the Minds competition has commenced. It is a great opportunity to solve authentic, open-ended challenges that foster creative, divergent thinking whilst developing collaborative enterprise, excellence and teamwork. A big thank you to Miss Remigio for all her hard work with the children.

Huge thanks to our awesome P&F who have many exciting events this term. Bogan Bingo, the Dads and Kids Camp and Father's Day Breakfast and of course our Sausage Sizzles.

Thank you to Vicki Kay for organising the Book Fair for next week to tie in with Book Week. I am off in search for a costume to wear next Wednesday for our Dress Up Day! I look forward to seeing the children in the Book Week parade.

I look forward to seeing all the PCPS mums at the P&F Ladies Market tonight. Big thanks to Jessica Johnson for co ordinating the event and for all her hard work and preparation. Should be a great evening.

Pre Kindy and Kindy

Thursday Pre Kindy will be starting on 2 September 2021. We have limited vacancies available so if you have a child who is 3yrs old or turning 3yr please see Mrs Ellen at the front office for further details. If you have friends, neighbours or relations with children ready for Pre-Kindy, please encourage them to join our beautiful school community.

We are also enrolling now for Pre Kindy 2022. Tuesday Pre Kindy for 2022 is completely full so we are now taking enrolments for Thursday PK for 2022! Be quick or you may miss out!

We are currently enrolling for Kindy 2022 and 2023 so if you have a sibling due for Kindy, please ensure you have your enrolment lodged at the front office asap. We recommend getting applications in for siblings for Pre Kindy and Kindy for future years even if your child is less than 3yrs old so that we can ensure your spot is secured.

Have a lovely weekend with your families.

Mrs Margaret Williamson




First Holy Communion

First Communion is this coming weekend, so please keep our Year 4 classes in your prayers. Thank you to our Year 4 teachers who have prepared our students so thoroughly for this special Sacrament.


Morning Supervision

  • Just a reminder that morning supervision by staff does not commence until 8.15am. There should not be any children on the school site prior to 8.15am.
  • In the morning, all Yr 1-6 children who arrive from 8.15am must make their way to the amphitheatre (undercover area if raining) and sit and wait with the supervising staff until the bell goes at 8.30am. If accompanying your child/ren, you are asked to also wait in this area and not outside the classroom as this confuses other children arriving at school.

Top Carpark in the Morning

A reminder that we ask parents NOT TO TURN RIGHT into the top carpark on O'Leary Road in the mornings when dropping children off at school. Turning right can often cause a traffic jam behind, with cars banked up to Gibson Avenue.

We ask that if you wish to drive into the top admin carpark, you do so by driving to the end of O'Leary Road, turning at the cul-de-sac and then driving along O'Leary Road again and turning LEFT into this carpark.

We appreciate your cooperation for the smoothest, most efficient and SAFEST morning drop-off system for our community.

Book Week 2021

We will be holding a Book Week Dress Up day for students next week on Wednesday 25th August. We encourage all students to come dressed up as a character from a book of their choice. We will hold a dress up parade at 9:00am on this day. We look forward to seeing plenty of creative costumes! This year's theme is 'Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.'

Thought for the Week

Have a wonderful fortnight ahead!

Mr Ryan von Bergheim & Mrs Loretta Hutcheson

Assistant Principals



The Entire cast, crew and staff of the Musical would like to say a huge and sincere THANK YOU to the entire community for their support of our 2021 Musical. We sold over 600 tickets to our show and the reviews have been outstanding. Thank you to those who have posted messages of support on social media or through email. We truly appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed the show!

EduDance Update

Edu-Dance is now in full swing and the students have been thoroughly enjoying their lessons each week. We are very excited to perform for you all at our upcoming Edu-Dance concerts.

Our first concert will be on Tuesday, 14th of September (Week 9) and will include PPW, 1W, 2V, 3H, 4B, 5T and 6B

Our second concert will be on Thursday, 23rd of September (Week 10) and will include PPM, 1B, 2PH, 3R, 4W, 5D and 6WvB

All concerts will commence at 2:20pm in the school hall. Your class teacher will have more information in the coming weeks about costumes, so please keep an eye out for this.


State Cross Country Championships 12th August 2021

State Cross Country Championships 12th August 2021

Last Thursday, 12th August, Padbury Catholic entered a team of 60 runners to compete at the annual State Cross Country Championships. The event was held at McGillvray Oval in Claremont on a rare sunny day this Winter.

We were one of 185 schools that were represented from around Western Australia. There were well over 250 students in each category race, and it was quite spectacular to see the students jostling for position at the start of each race.

Our students ran with amazing spirit and finished 3rd in the overall schools category which is a fantastic result. Our boys finished 2nd in the overall boys category which was also a great result.

The final scores for the team results were.

1st Applecross 1434 points

2nd Peter Moyes Anglican 1448 points

3rd Padbury Catholic 1508 points

4th Marmion Primary School 1729 points

5th Swanborne Primary School 1982 points

6th Whitfords Catholic 1997 points

For all other results click on the link below.

Our best performing runners were Antoni Bury who finished 4th in the Year 4 boys category and Elijah Griffiths who finished 9th in the Year 5 boys Category. Charlotte Willey also had a great race finishing 16th in the Year 5 girls category and Milan Aloi finished 25th running as a Year 3 in the Year 4 category. Congratulations to all of our superstars!

Some of these students will get the opportunity to run again next year to try out for the Western Australian Cross-Country team.

Upcoming Athletics Dates

The annual Athletics carnival is fast approaching. The dates below are scheduled for this year’s carnival. A more detailed program of events for all days will be sent out soon. Pre- Primary students will participate for the morning only during the athletics carnival day.

Jumps & Throws and Middle distance events - Year 5/6 – Monday 6th September

Jumps & Throws and Middle distance events - Year 3/4 – Wednesday 8th September

School Athletics Carnival Friday 10th September – Year PP – Year 6

Interschool Athletics Jumps and Throws September 21st @ St Marks

Interschool Athletics Carnival September 22nd @ WA Athletics Stadium.

Athletics training Year 3-6

There will be training after school for students wishing to practice the field events and middle-distance events for students in Year 3-6 on Wednesday afternoons for the next two Wednesdays, 25th August and 1st September. Training will run from 3:10pm until 4:00pm on the school oval for any interested students.


This Week's Focus: Tik Tok

In speaking with students around the school, there are quite a number who are actively engaged in using the TikTok social media app.

I recently came across this online report/article which was very eye-opening. I encourage all parents to watch this video, especially those of you who have children who are on TikTok.

Mr vB,-discrimination-and-dangerous/13470700


School Veggie Gardens

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Parish Update

Mini JAM & JAM - 29th October

Mini JAM (Years 1-3) 4:00 to 5:00pm

JAM (Years 4-6) 6:00 to7:00pm

2021-22 RCIA Program: This program starts on 22nd August and runs every Thursday in the parish centre at 7.30pm. Those interested to contact parish office or contact the coordinator, Ann Cunneen on 0410 616 517

Parish & schools combined Carols by candlelight: We are still keen to go ahead with this event on December 9th at 6.00pm on the oval and still in discussions. Please provide us any ideas you may have to make it more meaningful. Arrangements/discussions subject to Covid-19 restrictions.

Mass Times

All Masses are held in the Church

Saturday - 8:30am; 6:30pm

Sunday - 8:00am; 9:30am; 11:00am; 5:45pm

Monday to Friday - 7:00am; 9:00am

24:7 Youth Group

For all youth in Years 6 to 12

1st and 3rd Friday @ Parish Hall, 7pm

Call Luke 0401822932 for more information.

Rev Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti - PP

Our Lady of the Mission, Parish Website :


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