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Carmel Creek November 13, 2015

Teacher Quotes

Congratulations Ms. McNutt!

Sarah is now a published artist. Way to go. Thanks for sharing your talents and passion for learning with us.

Mindfulness- Growth Mindset

Some of our past District PD days and Ed Camps have focused on Mindfulness. Some have studied the work of Carol Dwek and others. This article was released this week and makes some good points and has a few interesting references toward the end.

Nature of Classroom Space-Can Enhance Learning.

Leadership and TOSA's spent sometime at the Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab this past week. Our sixth graders will have an opportunity to experience the lab of innovation and discovery. Conversations that surround flexible learning spaces are very exciting. I love keeping those conversations ongoing and very present. What else can we consider?

STREAMing in Mrs. Hastings class. What a team of collaborators. Wow!!

We welcome our new instructional special ed aide, Merrie Latasa. She begins with us on Monday. We are looking forward to her arrival.

Overview of the new CA State Standards by Julie Norby are ready!

Thanks Julie, Melani, Monica and Sabrina!
Link below:

Instructional Services sent over copies of the ELA and Math Overviews. Allison, Mashell, Amy and Margaret helped to get class sets in teacher boxes. What a team effort. Thanks All.

Something for fun as we get ready for our conferences...

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Thanks for all your efforts to complete progress reports, to create warm and inviting classrooms and hallway spaces for our kids and parents to enter into and for the care given to consider each child as an individual and to acknowledge their successes.