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What is Globalization?

Globalization: The act of globalizing or to make global; growth to a global or worldwide scale.

For us, globalization is spreading BBYO across the globe in order to help international Jewish teens find their true Jewish identity. For us, globalization is donating money through ISF (The International Service Fund). For us, globalization is making new friends in other countries, learning about their ways of life, and networking. For us globalization is vital!

Who is Affected By Globalization?

Jewish teens around the world are or can be affected by Globalization. Currently, BBYO or a BBYO partner are in several countries around the world; however, there is always room for more. Globalization has the ability to affect EVERY Jewish teen if we allow it to.

What is BBYO Reach?

BBYO Reach is a globalization initiative founded at ILTC 2012 that was created with the goal to raise $5000 for ISF in 11 days. In 11 days, BBYO Reach raised over $4,300 dollars. This is more money than some regions give to ISF in a year!
BBYO Reach Globalization Campaign

What can you do to help?

  • Donate to ISF via fundraisers, programs or buying a BBYO Reach T-shirt at International Convention 2013 (seen in the pictures above!)

  • Plan a program relating to Globalization, and teach about what it is to your chapter, multiple chapters or even the council!

  • Plan a program WITH an overseas chapter (learn about their culture, their traditions, jewish life and life in BBYO!)

  • Advocate for Globalization, show the BBYO community how much it really matters!

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