We Are More

by Jessica DeRosa

We Are More

Nobody believes

that we feel the pain of the war like men.

We do.

Your “War for Peace” desolates the land.

We see the effect.

We are as strong as an ox behind a


face. Families, farmland, friendships: ruined.

Without us, you will

lose the war. Women workers will win you

the fight.

Stop stereotyping, support us.


The Red Cross, the Patriotic league, they

need us.

We are more than just a tiny waist.

Well now you will see

that we can be factr’y workers, farmers,

and more.

We are more than what you thought we were.

We are “Hello Girls,”

we are bullet makers, nurses, doctors,


We are everything you are, and more.

We are more than just women,

this is our new position,

and we’re never going back.


DeRosa_We are More II by JeDeRosa