Christmas in the Dominican Republic

By Cole Hatchett


  • In the Dominican Republic Christmas is a National Holiday that is from October to January.
  • Every night the people set off tons of fireworks.
  • All businesses close on Christmas Eve, so employs can spend time with the familys.
  • One major Tradition is Familys have big feasts of traditional food on Noche Buena/ Christmas Eve.
  • Most familys go to a church service "La misa de gall" on Christmas Eve. This is similar to a midnight mass.
  • They have a cool way to exchange gifts. It is called "un angelito" or "a little angel". This is where a family puts all of the family members names in a sack and each person draws one. The person you drawl is your little angel and every week up to Christmas you give them a gift anonymously. On Christmas Eve you give them a gift and reveal who you really are.
  • They also sing native Christmas carols called "villanciocos". Just like in America there are Christmas songs like " jingle bells" and "deck the halls" they have songs too. One particular is a children's song called "the donkey and the turkey"

Fun Facts

  • At Christmas in the Dominican Republic it is Hot out side.
  • Hospitals do not close on Christmas because of injuries related to the fireworks.
  • They are really big on Christmas lights.
  • There Christmas trees are like the ones in the U.S but they are white