By : Yasmin Shiraz

Book Review by Deztanee Crawford

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You're a nice and quiet girl. You never bother anyone. And then you were jumped by a group of girls you barely even know. They beat you up so bad you might not even be able to have children when you get older. How would you feel? What would you do?

Tashera Odom is seventeen years old . She goes to Marion Barry High school. She got along with everyone. She also braids hair on the side to pay for college. Tashera lives in a rough neighborhood that two rival gangs stay. Which her brother is a member of the Deuce Tres. One day, Tashera was walking home from the store and a car pulled up. A group of girls got out and surrounded Tashera. They jumped her and beat her so bad that the doctor said she might be able to have children when she got older. Tashera didn't know the girls at all. Luckily, Ashe Thurgood, a paramedic was near by and took her to the hospital. While she is in the hospital she finds out that the girls jumped her because Tashera dates Jessica's ex boyfriend.

I can relate to Tashera because I got bullied when i was in elementary school. They messed with me for no reason at all. I never did anything to them. I really liked this book because there was never a dull moment. My least favorite part was when one of the girls overdosed. I also would change instead of one girl getting punished all of them should. I recommend this book to teenagers. This book is a very good book and has alot of action in it.

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Worst day of Tashera's life.

On Monday, April 2, Tashera was jumped by a group of girls that she did not know. They kicked and punched her. Afterwhile, Tashera passed out. A paramedic named Ashe Thurgood came to her rescue and took her to the hospital. The doctor said she might not be able to have children.
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Tashera's mother and brother both wanted revenge on the girls who hurt their loved one. Khalil kidnapped one of the girls and had beaten by members of his gang. Tashera's mother went to Calia, the ring leader, home and ended up fighting her mother.
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The Reason.

Ahmed Warner, a popular boy who attends Marion Barry High is a basketball player. He is attractive and anyone would love to be with him. He is the reason Tashera got beat up. He treated Jessica, his ex, very badly. He dissed her for Tashera. Jessica felt hurt and wanted to get pay back by hurting someone he loved.

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