Canada's Wheat Farming Industries

Canada's Natural Resource!

They are important.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the most important agriculture Regions in Canada For wheat farms. Also port-Royal was the first time wheat was grown in Canada.

How much is produced?

Canada is the world's sixth-largest producer and one of the largest exporters of wheat. Producing 25 million tonnes. Canada's wheat is grown on 10 million hectors.

What are the jobs of Wheat farming And Income.

*Plow the land
  • *Plant the seed
  • *Fertilize the fields
  • *Track crop growth
  • *Apply pesticides and more fertilizer as needed
  • *Harvest the crop

  • Wages/Income:

  • The total incomes of wheat farming from 2007-2011 where the average of 100,000

  • Canadian dollars.