Blakley's Bulletin

November Newsletter

Cold Came In!

This month we definitely experienced some cold weather!I could have been sure it would snow.Some days it felt like it could be a snowstorm!Sitting at Charlie's games was the worst.Watching it was fine,but sitting there made be wish Charlie played an indoor sport!

Enjoy The Bird!


Thanks,Thanks,Thanksgiving,Hope everyone enjoys the bird that everybody loves!Food,food,food,spread all across the table.And it is all the good stuff.Happy Turkey Day!

Fun Stuff

Now it is family time.Everyone spends time together,like always in this time of the year.Soon I will have my Winter Chorus concert for the school and for you!We will have many songs,including jingle jive,a yearly tune. Prepare your singing,for that show topper,we have a second "round" where you guys fill in the blanks.Come ready!
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Turkey Dinner (or lunch)

We all enjoyed a nice meal of goodies sitting at a long table in two straight rows.And that was the family.All chomping away on the best meal of the year and certainly the biggest.After a few pictures were snapped and games were played in front of a large Christmas tree.What was a better way to top off the day than going to the beach with sand between our toes!What fun!