hydroelectric energy

what is it? how does it work?

Renewable resources

A renewable resource is an energy source that will never run out.Renewable energy is not harmful to earth,but non renewable energy is harmful to the earth.Renewable resources replenish them self(renew,refill).It is generated by natural resources like sun,wind,water.There are more renewable than non renewable resources because we are running out of non renewable resources.

What is it? how does it work?

Hydro power is a renewable resource and that is kinetic energy.A dam is a big wall that holds water up so there isn't a flood.That is called potential energy.When the dam is taken down a lot of water flows down at a high speed because there is a lot of water stored up.

Advantages of Hydro power

Built up water can be used for storing energy when people need it.There are no greenhouse gases produced in hydro power.it causes no pollution at all from hydro power.Dams save lots of floods and tsunamis.Hydro power does not use any fossil fuels.Hydro power is a renewable resource that will never run out.

Disadvantages of Hydro power

Dams help to save floods but they take a lot of money construct.Dams have to be built very high standard which means very high and very strong to hold a lot of water. If there are floods it will cause a lot of damage to the environment and will cost a lot of money to rebuild things like buildings. If there is a country that gets a flood a lot of people will move. Also if a dam breaks there will be a big flood because there is so much water built up that the dam will just fall down.