Piggy the Pig and Hammy the Hen

By: Zach Atkins

Once upon a time there was a pig named Piggy and a hen named Hammy. Piggy was the mom of Hammy. They deeply loved each other. One day Piggy told Hammy to go and trade some flour at the market. Hammy started thinking about all of the things she could get for trading the flour. She started thinking about all the clothes she could buy, and the new shoes she could wear, and the new jewelry she could get.

Hammy dumped the flour into a big wooden bucket and then started walking down to the market to trade her flour. While she was walking her neighbor, Birdie the bird, shouted to her, “Hello, Hammy!” Hammy was startled by the sudden shouting and tripped and fell and all of the flour into the bucket went all over the ground. Hammy felt so embarrassed. Hammy had to go home and tell Piggy the whole story of what happened. Piggy was very mad.

The End

Theme: Don't count your chickens before they've hatched.